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My Christmas Present

merry christmas to me... :o)

i treated myself to this very beautiful camera strap this year for christmas and i LOVE IT! :o)
i've been wanting to dress up my camera strap, but i never seem to get around to making things for myself... so i thought i'd splurge!  plus, i love supporting a fellow etsy shop!  good excuse right?  ;o)  it actually was a great price and i really wanted to buy one in every color, but i resisted.  

i love, love, love the little pocket for the lens cover... i'm always afraid that i'm going to lose it, so it's PERFECT for me.
this weekend is... Buble (sigh), Unique LA, Renegade, and i'm starting my cookie baking!  whew!  i'm a little overwhelmed looking at the list... but it's TOTALLY going to be worth the craziness.  :o)

ok, for cookie baking so far i'm thinking...
toffee squares
peppermint meringue cookies
and then should i do some old school oatmeal chocolate chip cookies?  i'm not sure. 
help!  do you have a favorite?  please... share... pretty please?  :o)

i hope you're all having a beautiful week!  


Maridith @ Strictly Homemade said...

merry christmas to you!! i love supporting others on etsy too. I actually just made myself one and thought the same thing "merry christmas to me"

a great christmas cooking is chocolate oatmeal drop cookies. EASY and yummy!!

Justine said...

Merry Christmas to you!

I don't buy myself presents until AFTER Christmas so I can get all the good deals :)

Just Better Together

Regina said...

You may be finished baking, but cranberry white chip oatmeal are a favorite with our neighbors and fam. :) And I am so envious - living close enough to go to a renegade craft fair.... If I could somehow get us all down for a visit. ;)

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