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etsy purchases, business cards, and a giveaway!

etsy has become such a big part of my life that i forget that not all people know about it.

i love buying things that i can enjoy all day by wearing or carrying it around. 
my recent purchases have been this simple and delicate necklace
The Charteuse Room

and this fun purse... it's out of my norm of what i usually spend, but after reading the background behind it... 
"this darling bag was created in honor of our soon-to-be-adopted daughter...who will be named Emery Lin. our hope is that the sale of this bag will help raise funds to bring her home even sooner! my husband, our 2 boys (foster 4yrs, rowan 2 years) and i, anxiously await the arrival of our sweet daughter and sister. thank you for being a part of something so special and dear to us!"

...i just had to buy it!!
i've received a lot of sweet compliments on my purse and yesterday i had a few people ask me about my necklace.  each time i talk to people i tell them that i got it on Etsy and their response is always... Etsy??  i usually start explaining what an wonderful community it is of incredibly talented and creative small business owners.  the conversation usually leads to them writing down the website so they can check it out later.

i got to thinking about it and decided to create an easy business card that i can pass out to spread the word about Etsy.  it has my shop information on it, but i figure they can start there and then spend hours browsing through all of the other wonderful shops.  :o)

here are the cards....
i think it will be so fun to pass them out!
this is the punch i used to cut them out. i bought mine at joann with a 50% off coupon.
EK Success

here's my giveaway... i'll make a PDF of these cards with your personal information
or with your store and/or blog information
8 are on each sheet.  you can print them out on your own printer and punch them out, or you can just cut them out in a rectangle shape with a paper cutter... each card measures 3"x 2".  

i can make a sheet of the green border or the grey border, or you can have a combination of the two colors... you decide! :o)


  • post a comment by Sunday, January 23 at 10:00 pm PST
  • become a follower of this blog for a 2nd entry and comment a 2nd time to let me know (if you're already a follower, just comment again letting me know)

* i will randomly select 3 people for this giveaway  :o)


Paige said...

love the business cards! What a great idea! I often get the same response when i refer someone to etsy. Although some people are catching on. I have a dream....(o:

Anonymous said...

Such cute business cards :) I have 3 necklaces from the Char. Room...LOVE THEM!!! Lisa B

Alicia said...

I have been thinking that it might be a good idea to have cards with my blog name & url to give out to people when I talk to them or take pictures of something. So these would come in very handy! I'm going to go check out the necklaces at the Char Room. Thanks.

Alicia said...

Oh...and I'm already a follower :-D

Regina said...

Wow - I love the purse, necklace and your business cards are really cute. :) I really wish we lived a bit closer...

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