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a quick valentine gift- sour cream container

do you want to make a quick, simple, and economical valentine gift for someone special?  i think these little containers are great for valentine's day, but they would also be perfect for birthday parties, baby showers, and other special events!

here's something i threw together last week with supplies i had in the house... love that!

these little "sour cream containers" have been around in the paper craft world for awhile so i can't claim it as my own.  they are awesome little things though... i filled these containers with red, white, and pink m & m's... and it's really surprising how much these lil boogers hold.

here's how to do it...
-cut a piece of cardstock/thick scrapbook paper to 4 1/4" by 5 1/2" inches
 - put a strip of double-sided tape down one of the short ends of the paper
 - bring the short ends of the paper together to make a cylinder
 - off set the seam and pinch one of the ends closed
 - put a strip of double-sided tape on the inside edge and tape closed
 - place the taped edge in a paper crimper and roll about 3/4 of a turn
 - admire your crimped edge!
 - fill the container with goodies.  for this sample, i decided to use low calorie goodies.  wouldn't this be a perfect valentine gift for a crafty friend??
 - pinch the other side shut going the opposite direction. 
  - put a strip of double-sided tape on the inside edge and tape closed
 - crimp the edge.  it comes out perfect when you roll the crimper just enough to see the paper peeking out of the other side like in this picture.
 - admire your cute lil container! :o)
 - embellish by punching 2 lil holes
 - tie on a cute lil tag with some bakers twine and you're done!

it's the first week of the new term at work, i start a new class this week- digital video... FUN!!!, and my bike ride (hopefully 100 miles) is this weekend, so i'm pretty positive that this will be my only post this week.  

i'm planning a fun little treat for my co-workers on valentine's day so i'll post some pictures next week.

i hope you all have a wonderful valentine's day and that you feel incredibly loved!!


Just Made That Way said...

These are great! I love the crimped edges.

I have nominated you for some fun awards, please stop by my blog for a look. www.justmadethatway.blogspot.com

Happy creating

Regina said...

Love these Bean! How'd the ride go??

Justine said...

omg! This is SO cute! I wish I had a paper crimper.

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