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i'm still alive

sorry that i've been MIA.  i'm in class again so homework takes up some of my extra creative time.
the thing that has really taken up time though is a major change i've made in my lifestyle. 

i've gone raw.

i'm now a raw foodie.  i've been eating 80% raw and 20% whatever i want since the beginning of the year and i have to tell you that i absolutely LOVE it.  being a person who cannot dip my toe into a pool, i have to JUMP in... i've jumped into this raw food lifestyle.  i've been reading all that i can, blurfing raw food websites and blogs, hanging out at farmers markets, making my own kale chips and blood orange chips, concocting new raw meals, blending green smoothies and more.

i now have more energy than ever before.  i'm not a morning person, but i now wake up before the alarm clock goes off.  sometimes hours before.  i have to be honest and say that i haven't fully embraced this new change in my life.  i LOVE sleep, so i'm a little sad.  but eventually i will change my attitude and be grateful for the additional hours i have to be productive. :o)

there are a lot of other crazy changes that have occurred in my body because of this change, some expected, some unexpected... but i won't share about that here since this is my creative bloggie.

so wouldn't cha know... i started a raw food blog.  it just didn't settle with me to share that stuff here.  if you're interested, here's my raw food bloggie home: http://rawhealthyjourney.wordpress.com.  it's nothing fancy right now. it's just a place where i'm sharing about my raw food journey, but i'd love it if you stopped by to say hi!  :o)

so back to creative stuff... for my technology class i need to create a 6 minute instructional video.  i'm trying to think of something fun to make a video about. 

is there anything you'd like to learn how to do?  make fingerless gloves... refinish a hope chest... something else???  HELP!!!  i'm most likely going to post it here, so i'd love to hear if there's anything you'd like to learn about.  :o)

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