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Valentine's Day Gifts

Happy Early Valentine's Day Everyone!

I have had so much fun making Valentine's Day gifts for my friends and family! It's so funny. While I made these gifts I thought of years past when I usually disliked these holidays because I thought it was only a ploy to get us to spend more money. But as I've rediscovered paper crafting and started baking new things, I've learned to have a new appreciation for the holidays. I love that making things for people gives me more time to think about them-- about all the reasons I love and appreciate them.
I made Homemade Marshmallows last month and my grandmother loved them and gobbled them up. So this month I decided to make homemade "Peeps"for my dear sweet grammie.

I halved the recipe because I don't want extras sitting around the house. :) I buttered and dusted my 8 x 8 dish with powdered sugar. After that, I sprinkled the bottom of the pan with pink and red sprinkles. I poured the marshmallows on top and then topped again with sprinkles.

Next I buttered my heart-shaped cookie cutters and dipped them in sprinkles before cutting.
Here's the finished product... I still have to make a cute box to ship them in. I might post that later. MMMMMMM!!! I had to sample some of the extra "throw away" marshmallows. I don't know if they'll really make it to the garbage can.

I've been baking a lot of things for my co-workers, but for Valentine's Day I decided to make something not to be consumed. I'm trying to respect their New Year's Resolutions and I found this cute idea for bookmarks in a matchbook.

Here are my finished products. Hopefully they won't be disappointed by not having something sweet to eat.

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