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Patio Table

I've been looking for a patio table for awhile. I already had chairs that I was planning on using, but I found this steal and went with another plan.

I found this set on CL and thought it would be a better option because it's metal and vinyl and I think it will hold up better on my patio. I really questioned whether or not I could make it presentable, but for $10 why not try?

I purchased new vinyl at Joanne's for $6, 2 cans of Espresso spray paint at Home Depot for $4 a piece, and used some wood filler I had on hand. I had to remove the rubber edging because there was a small section missing. Home Depot didn't have anything similar so I went with the wood filler.

I was bummed that the sides didn't come out quite right. The particle board was too porous for the spray paint. I'm going to have to think of another option.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the transformation.

1 comment:

Wishes and Whimsy said...

I just started following your blog and have been getting great inspiration from you! I too am trying to redo my house without spending very much money. The table and chairs really turned out great! Here's an idea for the edge of the table--I would take heavy gauge jute twine and glue it around the edge of the table. It looks like it would go well with the chairs and it is fairly inexpensive.

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