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Goodwill finds

I found some great things at Goodwill. I visited the store twice this weekend, still on the quest to answer my question: when is the best time and day to thrift shop? I've come to the conclusion that if you would like to find furniture go on the afternoons either Saturday or Sunday once you think everyone has dropped off the items that didn't sell at their garage sales. On Saturday, I found a small bookshelf that I've been on the hunt for. It's not anything fancy, just a simple 2 shelf bookcase that you can find at Walmart or Target. It was $6.99. I also found a plastic 3 shelf system that I will use in my garage for my ever-growing supply of spray paint and such. I don't have pictures of either because it's not that interesting. I'm just painting the small bookshelf black and lining the back with scrapbook paper and it's going to house a small portion of my cookbooks. That is another problem I have- collecting cookbooks. I love recipes. Before I spent time looking at decorating blogs, you could find me at night relaxing browsing through all the wonderful pictures and recipes. But that's a discussion for another time. :)

On Sunday I found these fun things:
I've been on the hunt for small lamps to go on my kitchen counter and in my bathroom. I finally scored today! The lamp was $5.99 and the shallow silver bowl was $1.99.

I also found this great display case for $2.99. When I paid for my finds, the saleswoman said that she had looked at the display case and thought about all the wonderful things to do with it. I told her that I had picked up a toolbox with antique tools in it and I planned on displaying them in here. She knew exactly what toolbox I was talking about. Who wants to share some love for all the great sales people at Goodwill or your local thrift store?? They are always so kind and helpful!!

I found these two jars that were $3.99 for the pair. I'm planning on using them in laundry room (my garage) for the soaps I use. I'm tired of looking at the plastic containers I'm currently using.

On a side note, if anyone is interested in a brand spankin new iTouch, let me know.

Join in on the thrifting fun at Southern Hospitality's.


Sue said...

I like the little jars you found on your trip to the GW. I went back into an older post & saw the fantastic transformation you made on an old table w/the wooden plugs. wow! You did a great job on it.
:-) Sue

Cheri Peoples said...

Good idea about when to go. My Goodwill is typically so overpriced it is crazy.
Come for a visit.
Its So Very Cheri

Wendy said...

Love those little dishes! Great finds :)

Beth said...

I've often asked thrift store managers when they thought the best time was and never have gotten a straight answer. I like your logic. Post garage sale would be a great time. You found some wonderful things. Those jars are too cute.

p.s. Thanks for visiting earlier!

Mc gasper said...

Hi nori..
Today i come visit to your blog..I love it ..BY the way i'm dolly from..www.mcgasper.blogspot.com

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